We are a domestic leader in manufacturing of pipes for transmission media. We specialize in production of welded steel pipes and structural hollow section. We offer 3LPE polyethylene or 3LPP polypropylene coating and cement or epoxy linings. Pipes are manufactured as high frequency induction, submerged arc welded helically and longitudinally. They are used in gas industry (especially for the construction of transfer and distribution pipelines), district heating sector, water and sewages (for sewage, drinking water and soline water trans), engineering and construction industry.


we received an information about an attempt to extort money using a false letter with a request to transfer funds to a different account than the one indicated on the invoice issued by ”FERRUM” S.A.

We kindly inform you that we did not send such letters. If you receive a similar message or a traditional letter, please contact "FERRUM" S.A. sales department immediately.

Please transfer our receivables only to the account number indicated in our invoices.

We will inform about further steps we have taken in this matter.

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