Longitudinally submerged arc-welded pipes (SAWL)

Pipes are manufactured according to the requirements of the fol- lowing standards:

Pipes are manufactured in diameter range from 559 mm to 2032 mm, with plain or bevelled ends. Pipes in diameter from 559 mm to 914 mm are manufactured with one longitudinal weld and from diameter 1016 mm to 1620 mm with two welds, and above with three longitudinal welds.

Line pipes in diameter from 559 mm to 1219 mm are hydrosta- tically tested. The welds of pipes in diameters from 559 mm to 1422 mm are subject to non-destructive tests. Such tests are con- tinuously performed by X-ray.
Upon technical agreement, pipes may be delivered with different diameters and wall thicknesses that are specified in the table, in outside diameters from 559 mm to 2032 mm, in production lengths from 5,2 m to 8,2 m.

Depending on the required mechanical and technological properties or application, the pipes are produced from the following steel grades:

Upon the customer's needs pipes are supplied as: bare - without protection coating, or with external three-layer polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) anticorrosion coatings and with internal either cement or epoxy lining. Against agreement pipes can be
supplied with other anticorrosion protection e.g. galvanized pipes.

Longitudinally submerged arc-welded pipes (SAWL) produced by "FERRUM" S.A. may be successfully used to make steel fittings including tees, reducers, elbows and bends.

Production programme of SAWL pipes

API standard requires additional agreements



Strength class or steel grade symbol

PN-EN 10217-1 P195TR1/TR2
PN-EN 10217-3    

P355N P355NH

PN-EN 10217-5 P235GH P265GH 16Mo3
DIN 1626 St37.0 St44.0 St52.0
PN-EN 10219 S235JRH S275JOH
PN-EN 10224 L235 L275 L355

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